Vacation time - May be a little spotty on the updating for a bit..

The queue is currently empty (there is not enough hot nudez of transmasculine people out there! [hint hint! get your camera out and start shooting! give us somethin good to post!]), and for the next 20 hours or so, I’m going to be on a Greyhound bus on my way to the fabulous city of Vancouver, for pride.. so I won’t be able to update from the road.
When I get to Vancouver, I’ll do my best to make sure y’all get something every day. I’ll have my trusty laptop with me.

If any of y’all are going to Vancouver pride, maybe I’ll run into you!
Cheers, and I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer!

- Donnie

EDIT: To the person asking for watersports and creampies; we post what we have and what’s out there. There isn’t much of either of those things, so you won’t find them on this blog if people aren’t making it.
In queer porn, there’s a huge emphasis on safe sex, so FTM creampies are probably going to be few and far between. As for pissing, there’s a ton of FTM pissing videos on Xtube if that’s what you’re into.
We post mostly photos. If FTM porn with creampies and watersports happens to show up on the internet, we’ll most likely post it. We post whatever we find. If it’s decent quality and not oppressive or anything like that, we’ll post it here.

  1. bbbidaddy said: Please. And the more hardcore stuff, the better. Would love some FTM creampies and some FTM watersports.
  2. ftmporn posted this
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