The FTM (female-to-male transgender/transsexual) porn niche is one of the smallest niches in the porn market. Not small because of lack of interest or audience, but because there are so few performers.

In the MTF (male-to-female transgender/transsexual - also known as the politically incorrect term commonly used in the porn industry, “shemale”) porn niche, there are so many performers, and so much content out there featuring them, that the niche has pretty much become part of the mainstream.
There are thousands of transwomen in the adult entertainment industry, and many adult sites and adult films solely containing content featuring transwomen.

Yet, there are so few female-to-male transsexual performers.. and the content featuring them (and the places you can find it) is also very limited.
The shortage of FTM performers could be due to many reasons.. perhaps they see doing porn as something negative or degrading, or that because they were born with the wrong genitals, they shouldn’t use them for pleasure. But porn doesn’t have to be negative or degrading, and it’s okay to work with what you’ve got.. and while there’s not a lot of FTM porn or performers out there, the niche is slowly expanding as more transmen embrace their bodies and realize that putting themselves out there can be a positive, even liberating, thing.

And that’s why we’ve started this blog. To showcase the few female-to-male transsexuals who have decided to share the beauty of their bodies with the world. And also, to be the ultimate FTM porn resource.
We will post the best photos and videos we can find, from around the internet, at least once a week (at times it could be several times in a day, or a few times in a week.. but it will always be at least once a week).. so you can find all the best FTM porn right here, all in one place.
There is also a links page that will contain links to all the different websites where you can find or purchase FTM porn, as well as links to resources for transmen who are interested in getting involved in the adult industry, and more.
This is the first blog of its kind. There are many queer porn blogs that post some FTM content, but nothing else out there solely dedicated to providing its viewers with all FTM, all the time.. so we are really excited to be bringing this blog to you!

If you would like us to promote your site on this blog, or would like to add your link to our links section, you can write to us at ftmporn@gmail.com.

Happy viewing! ;)

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